The Farm Shop

Come To Visit Our Farmshop

If you’re looking for quality farm meat at good old Yorkshire prices, then come and visit Blue Hills Farm Shop.

All our meat is produced on the farm, which means there are no wholesalers to take their profit, which enables us to sell such quality meat at these prices. Whether you’re looking for grass-fed beef, free-range pork, lamb, farmhouse dry-cured bacon, gammon, ham shanks, or sausages, you will not be disappointed.

All our animals are home fed, so we can guarantee the quality of our meat. Our beef is hung for 21 days, ensuring it is tender and full of flavour. We’ve been selling our meat from our farm shop for over 44 years, and have three generations of satisfied customers.

Some of our customers regularly travel over 60 miles to our farm shop, so we must be doing something right!